Our History

Legend has it that in 1976, a group of telephony experts gathered around a table in a bar at O'Hare Airport. At that time, most customers relied on AT&T for their telephone and PBX services and equipment. However, these professionals realized that customers needed guidance to make better technology decisions in a newer and more competitive marketplace.
Thus, the independent telecom consultant was born. These seasoned professionals knew how to help customers navigate this new competitive world with integrity and ethics. An independent consultant worked solely for the customer and did not earn any commission for recommending products or services. The business model was entirely customer focused.
The Society of Telecommunications Consultants was created that day. The bylaws were scribbled on a bar napkin. The society was later formalized and consisted of 10 charter members. The three founding members were Dick Kuehn, Murray Robinson (Canadian), and Dick Kaufman. This was the beginning of a vibrant organization that still exists today.
Over the years, there have been several changes to keep up with the fast-moving technology industry. Interest in the organization outside of North America prompted a name change to the Society of Communications Technology International (SCTC) in the mid 2000s. And, not long after, the SCTC merged with a like-minded Canadian group, the Canadian Telecom Consultants Association (CTCA). Throughout the entire evolution of the organization, integrity, ethics, and independence have remained the focus. 
Today, our members are considered technology thought leaders. Our members can be found speaking at large industry events, writing for online publications like NoJitter.com and BC Strategies, and sharing knowledge with their peers at the SCTC Annual conferences and weekly fireside chats.