Collaborative Projects and Case Studies

Through the integration of the Vendor Advisory Council into the organization, SCTC Consultants have unique opportunities to access industry intelligence and collaborate with leading communication technology suppliers.

Below are just two examples of successful collaborations.

Consultant Roberta J. Fox and VAC Member Aizan Inc.


Many organizations have amassed an inventory of phone numbers that they have acquired over many years, often decades, without a corresponding inventory of what they have and the utility, or lack thereof, of each number. Without knowing what they do, most organizations take the route of adding new phone lines rather than re-assigning existing lines and very rarely ever disconnect or shut them down for fear of shutting down something that is required for a critical service or operation. The pandemic has even further exacerbated this issue with many organizations moving to remote work, but still having hard lines that terminate at employee desks\offices. Our client was a government agency which faced this issue.

Solution Overview

By leveraging Aizan’s broadcasting and IVR services, we were able to phone each of the lines within their identified portfolio and identified which lines were currently still being used. This is done first via the CDR provided on the numbers dialed, which shows lines that are active, inactive, not in service, or are a fax line. For the lines that were active, an IVR played a message for those that answered the phone, prompting the employee to confirm that this was an active line.


A final report of the findings was delivered to the client that provided them with the information they needed to confidently identify phone lines that are no longer in use and shut them down. The result of this exercise was a reduction of over 700 phone lines, delivering significant ongoing savings associated with dormant telephone lines.

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