Benefits of a VAC Member

Maximize Your Market Impact with SCTC Vendor Membership

Elevate your brand and expand your reach in the telecommunications industry with an SCTC Vendor Membership. Designed for vendors who aspire to lead and transform the market, our membership opens doors to unparalleled networking opportunities, strategic insights, and avenues for growth. Discover how partnering with SCTC can enhance your product visibility, foster meaningful collaborations, and drive sales, with the unique advantage of reaching beyond our community through the Fireside Chat platform.

Exclusive Vendor Membership Benefits:

  • Unrivaled Access: Connect directly with an elite network of consultants and vendor members. Collaborate, network, and forge partnerships that can redefine your market position and catalyze business growth.

  • Dynamic Listserv Engagement: Participate in a vibrant Listserv community of vendors and consultants. Pose questions, share challenges, and receive actionable advice and insights within hours, not days.

  • Legal Expertise On Call: Navigate the complexities of the telecom industry with confidence, thanks to access to our attorney, Martha Buyer. Benefit from both complimentary and specialized legal services tailored to your business needs.

  • Invaluable Learning Resources: Unlock access to 175+ SCTC Fireside Chat recordings. Absorb wisdom from telecom luminaries, including the CEO of Avaya and the CIO of Zoom, and gain insights on cutting-edge topics from AI to UCaaS and beyond.

  • Fireside Chat Platform: Showcase your innovations and thought leadership by presenting on an SCTC Fireside Chat. This platform is not only a privilege for our members but also open to non-members, significantly broadening your reach within and beyond the SCTC community. Whether sharing expert insights or an infomercial about your latest product, you'll capture the attention of a highly engaged audience.

  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy preferred rates for the SCTC annual conference and Enterprise Connect, placing you at the heart of industry innovation and networking.

  • Vendor Advisory Council (VAC) Webinars: Leverage a dedicated hour to educate consultants about your products and services. Whether live or on-demand, your webinar will be an invaluable resource for consultants eager to stay ahead of industry trends.

  • Brand Visibility Boost: Gain increased exposure with your logo prominently displayed on the SCTC website, signaling your status as a key player in the industry.

  • Targeted Conference Engagement: Secure one-on-one meetings with consultants at both the SCTC Annual Conference and Enterprise Connect, offering a unique opportunity to build relationships and present your solutions directly.

  • VAC Member Collaboration: Engage with fellow VAC members to exchange best practices, discuss strategies for capturing consultant interest, and explore the sales opportunities arising from SCTC consultant relationships.

Why SCTC Vendor Membership?
SCTC Vendor Membership is more than a gateway to the consultancy community; it's a platform to amplify your brand, introduce your solutions to key decision-makers, and engage in fruitful collaborations. It positions your company at the forefront of industry developments, ensuring you're not just part of the conversation but leading it.

With SCTC, you'll find more than just a membership; you'll discover a partnership that values innovation, promotes ethical business practices, and supports your growth objectives. It's an investment in your brand's future, offering a blend of exposure, education, and engagement opportunities that can transform your business prospects. The inclusive Fireside Chat platform further enhances this value by opening your reach to a broader audience, ensuring your message resonates far and wide.
Join SCTC today and propel your brand to new heights in the telecommunications industry, with the power to connect beyond our community.