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  • Networking and Collaboration: Join a diverse community of professionals across North America and Europe who share your business goals. The SCTC opens doors to new relationships, business opportunities, and ideas for enhancing your consulting practice. Dive into our consultant Listserv for valuable insights and support from fellow members.

  • Vendor Advisory Council Access: Consultants enjoy exclusive access to the Vendor Advisory Committee, providing education and support for client engagements. Benefit from insights that elevate your consulting game.

  • Educational Conferences: Participate in our annual educational conferences at special rates. The Fall SCTC conference delivers the latest in technical and practice management information, equipping you to excel in serving clients and staying competitive.

  • Educational Webinars: Stay ahead with our tailored webinars covering practice management, emerging technologies, and successful consulting case studies. Elevate your knowledge and competitiveness with our educational sessions.

  • Regulatory Attorney Support: Connect with our expert regulatory attorneys, Martha Buyer and Chris Tacit, for routine inquiries at no cost to SCTC members. Stay updated on regulatory matters through emails, webinars, and conferences, ensuring your competitiveness in the marketplace.

  • Practice Management & Marketing Support: Unlock a range of services designed to manage and grow your consulting practice. From mentoring for new consultants to accessing experienced consultants for project assistance, our resources, including the consultants' group pages and Listserv, provide valuable information and support.

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